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Our Services

Puppy classes

Socialisation, basic cues and learning the language of dogs all in a fun, safe environment for you and puppy. This class is for puppies that are between the ages of 7 and 20weeks

Basic Foundation/Life Skills class

In this class our dogs start to learn basic cues, impulse control, visual and verbal language and we do it all through game play and learning how dogs communicate. This class if for any dog over 5 months of age.

Loose leash walking

Walking our dogs on leash is an important skill to conquer, this class delves into why our dog's pull or may be reactive on leash and starts you on the path to a greater understanding of your dog's emotions and how best to keep your dog calm in arousing situations

1 on 1problem solving

Often owners have concerns about their dog's behaviour that may not be well addressed in a group class. I offer 1 on 1 consultations and will assess and set up a modification protocol for you and your pet to work at home on your own time schedule. 

Seminars and Presentations

From time to time I am privileged to be invited to speak about training/behaviour/language to groups or classrooms from adults to children. Nothing gives me greater joy than passing on what I have been able to learn from so many other talented trainers.

How to Start

Watch for class schedules

I will post class schedules as soon as dates are available. Spring/Summer classes are subject to the weather and may be pushed to alternate days if necessary

Contact me for more information


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Book and Pay

I often have waiting lists for classes as I like to keep class sizes small and manageable. A $25.00 Deposit is required to hold your space for any class. Deposit can be made in cash, e-transfer or cheque made payable to Tracie Titchkosky

Rates for classes

Puppy classes - 4 weeks - 1 hour per week -  $135.00

Basic Foundation/Life Skills  - 4weeks - 1 hour per week -  $135.00

Loose leash classes - 4 weeks - approx 45 minutes per week - $125.00

1 on 1 consultations - consult  $50.00/hour plus mileage if meeting outside of the Morden/Winkler area


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