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About No Bad Dogs

When I realized that there were no force free training options in the Pembina Valley I wanted to fill that space. I have been working in the animal industry, veterinary clinics, with animal behaviourists, dog trainers and more for the last 25 years and I realized that I loved helping people understand and communicate better with their dogs. I gained my accreditation in 2015 and have not stopped learning since. 


My training philosophy has always been "No fear, No stress, No pain". I truly believe that we can communicate, teach, and learn from dogs without having to cause them fear, stress, discomfort or pain. As much as we gain from our canine companions in emotional support they rely on us for the same thing.


By offering different levels of training I am confident that we can find a communication method that works for whatever you want in your relationship with your dog. Be it a social companion or a competitive player, we can work together to get the best out of your relationship with your dog. 


Once guardians understand their individual dog's needs and language working with them becomes easier and more rewarding. Less frustration leads to greater joy.



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Tracie Titchkosky, CCPDT-KA



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