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No Bad Dogs

Force Free Training for any experience level

No Bad Dogs

No Bad Dogs offers Force Free, foundation training for any dog owner regardless of previous experience. We offer puppy classes, basic foundation and obedience and an introduction to agility. We use treats, toys, praise and play to motivate your dog and increase your bond.


What does NO Bad Dogs offer?

Puppy classes

We focus on building the bond, successful socialisation, learning dog language and starting you on basic cues and game play

Basic Foundation/Life Skills class

This class focuses on your dog's patience and focus, using game play and basic cues we learn how to communicate with our dogs

Loose leash walking

This class focuses on getting the most out of your walks, helping your dog to deal with stimulus and reactivity and figuring out why your dog acts like they do.

Fear free, Stress free, Pain free Training

If humans were as creative with reinforcement as they are with punishment, imagine what they could accomplish



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